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I am a  photographer specializing in wedding photography. I have always been intrigued with photography. My career as  tattoo-artist and painter has helped me with composition and light . That has magnified my creativity in my wedding photography.  My goal in Wedding photography is capturing you event as colorful, sparkling, vibrant, glossy, creative and classic as you remember it. You will look and feel like a star in a technicolor movie. I will be there for your special day. That means I will not only be taking photos, but helping you planning wedding. I will check in with you before the wedding to discuss details and your itinerary.

I recently started to work in real estate photography, which brings a new aspect in my creativity. Seeing an architectural product, that is what real estate is, from the view of the buyer or renter. Following the flow of and apartment and creating the space that is already there in a 2 dimensions photograph.



My lifelong love of photography and art has been inspired by the beauty that I see in the most basic of everyday activities. Beauty surrounds us everyday. Whether you choose to recognize it or not is up to you. Tanja Nixx Photography has been created to capture that beauty and celebrate it. I strive to create magical memories out of every special event.

Tanja Nixx Photography has been providing professional photography services in San Francisco, CA for many years. During this time, I were able to develop a very impressive portfolio of subjects and clients of the past. What sets Tanja Nixx Photography apart from other photographers is our ability to capture and harness the lighting of any particular area and use it to our advantage. This artistic eye and creative edge allows us to go above and beyond all expectations and create something truly remarkable.

We specialize in full service wedding photography that includes custom packages based on your personal needs. Whether you want someone by your side for the entire day or only need us for a few hours, we offer custom photo packages for your convience. From the cutting of the cake to each last lingering kiss, ensure that not a moment of your most special day goes by unnoticed. Tanja Nixx Photography will create stunning portraits of your big day that will be treasured for a lifetime.


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