City Hall Wedding

KIKatie and I finally finished our first shoot at City Hall. We ask this beautiful couple Julie and Jason, if they had not booked a photographer.  They hadn’t booked one and agreed  to be photographed. Since this was our first test shoot, they were lucky to have the opportunity to have the jpgs for free. We had a lot of fun and here are the results.

Wedding shoes

Details in Wedding-Photography:
Shoes, often hidden under the long wedding dress, but the bride will remember hers…probably at the end of the night when her feet hurt and she secretly slips on her flip-flops.
I think photographing shoes can be done in so many different ways. Don’t you just love the peek you get when the dress of the bide lifts up like tiny bit giving us a glimpse. The silver sandals just tossed aside, makes you think where the bride went, right? The last one, a classy one, the getting ready for the ceremony, exudes excitement…well at least for me.

Marin Arts and Garten Center Weddings

I photographed this wedding in July. The ceremony was in midday and as a photographer not my favorite time to shoot. l used my 70-200 mm canon lens, a very heavy lens, but worth carrying every ounce of it. The backdrop of greenery is stunning, framing a even more beautiful bride and groom.

Wedding photography and more…

Welcome to my new blog. I love Wedding and Event photography, because I can be in the midst of all the celebration, enjoy it, be a spectator and capture the event for your later to remember. I love meeting new people and new venues, specially at weddings. This photo I shot of Sarah and Natalie a few years ago and the wedding was held at the “el rio” in the mission district in San Francisco.


We really love the architecture of City Hall. While scouting around, I shot this picture of a couple with their photographer. So remember, Katie Fiordalis or Tanja Nixx will be around available to take your  photograph ascending up those beautiful staircase next Friday, Sep 4th. So smile when you walk down this aisle. You can also shoot us an email at our website.

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Please follow us! We will start our City Hall Photography coverage Friday, September 4th. 

City Hall Wedding photography affordable

Welcome to City Hall Pixx, the home of unplanned City Hall Wedding Photography!

Tanja Nixx and Katie Fiordalis have created a photography collaboration to capture City Hall Weddings affordable, and with little planning.  We love City Hall so much that we want to spend our days there, photographing weddings. 
San Francisco Weddings at City Hall