Inspired by a friend, the first thought  was: A woman holding a yoga-pose such as “The Warrior pose” and holding a gun in her hand. Part of yoga is strength and power, so adding a gun didn’t feel that far fetched. I did so with a couple of woman, but when I started the next (Photo) shoot with another woman I just let it happen, let her be and feel.  I found the guns and locations and then observed and shot what happened. This is NOT a political statement about guns. It’s about empowerment and the gun is like a symbol. “Drunk with a gun” is not meant literally. “Drunk with life” “Drunk with Power”  I wanted to have women hold a gun, women that always have been been looked as lower, weaker and not equal. Take what you like and leave the rest.

what happens when you put a gun into different women’s hand.