Portraits, when taking portraits of people I like to take an extra 20 minutes to get to know my client and let them get to know me. People can be camera shy and insecure. It is my job to make them comfortable.  Joking around and being light and easy during the shoot really helps the mood and the relaxation of my subject. When shooting portraits outdoors it’s important to be spontaneous and see the light, as well as to keep the client with me and not let them get bored or impatient. I prefer taking portraits outside using an additional lightsource or two.

Time is the most precious commodity that exists in everyday life. It is both fleeting and unattainable. It cannot be stopped or turned back, no matter how hard we try. The one thing that seems to make time stand still is the reminiscence that comes along with viewing an expertly taken photograph from years past. Through the miracle of photography, we are able to cherish the beauty of our youth and the events of our past to get a strong sense of identity and appreciation for the beauty of life.

Before you know it, your children will be having their own children, you will be spotting grey hairs, and you will not be able to recognize the music on the radio any longer. If you are not careful, these precious moments may slip away right before your very eyes. It is essential that we capture the beauty of our youth with professional portraits that will stand the test of time. Tanja Nixx Photography offers high-quality portraits in San Francisco, CA that will be cherished for eternity.

Schedule a family portrait session to document the beauty of the ones you love most. Before you know it, your precious newborn will be out of diapers and walking around. Do not let these brief moments go by unnoticed. We also provide professional business portraits for employees looking to make their best first impression. When you want the finest quality portrait, turn to Tanja Nixx Photography.

We love gathering family and friends together to shoot a custom photo session. As always, we guarantee excellent photos and customer satisfaction every time.

We are a versatile and artistic photography company that is able to interpret many different styles and tastes in your unique and personal session. Ask us how we can personalize your session today.